Please note that the deadline for submissions of abstracts has passed. It is no longer possible to submit abstracts.

The Scientific Committee for IClaVE invites offers of papers in any area of language variation in European languages. The offers should contain a clear sketch of the subject matter (research question/hypothesis, method, results, discussion) of a regular 30-minute Paper (20 minute presentation; 10 minute discussion).

The criteria for abstract selection will be: conceptual and methodological relevance to the study of language variation, specifically in European languages; empirical and conceptual substance; quality of argumentation; originality. The abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by members of the International Scientific Committee.


The conference language will be English. Papers should be presented, and abstracts submitted, in English.


Participants wishing to present a paper should sent ONE camera-ready copy of their abstract (150-200 words), indicating the title of the paper, authorŐs full name, name and address of institution, and e-mail address as well as THREE anonymous copies of their abstract. All submissions should be sent directly via surface mail to the Conference Office. Deadline for the submission of abstracts: January 1, 2005.

Conference Office:

ICLaVE 3, Amsterdam 2005
Meertens Instituut (KNAW)
Postbus 94264
1090 GG Amsterdam
Phone: +31 - (0)20 - 462 85 00
Fax: +31 - (0)20 - 462 85 55