ICLaVE 2005

The International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE) is a biannual meeting addressing any aspect of linguistic variation observed in languages spoken in present-day Europe. The conference is intended to provide a platform for every scholar interested in issues related to this topic, be it as a historical linguist, a sociolinguist, a specialist in grammatical theory, a dialectologist, a psycholinguist or from any other point of view.

In June 2005, the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam will host IClaVE 3. Here is the programme.

Keynote speakers

Important dates and figures

Please note that we can only send letters of invitation to colleagues who can submit specimens of their work.

Some historical background

The idea of setting up this conference was first mooted by the Coordination Committee of the research Network on The Convergence and Divergence of Dialects in a Changing Europe, which was funded from 1995 to 1998 by the European Science Foundation. ICLaVE continues work in this and other areas related to language variation. The first and second editions of ICLaVE have taken place in Barcelona and Uppsala, respectively; the third edition will take place in Amsterdam (June 23 - 25, 2005) and will be organized by a group of linguists headed by Frans Hinskens (Meertens Instituut / Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). The scientific program will consist of regular papers (selected on the basis of abstracts), invited papers and workshops. Here are the Call for Papers and the Call for Workshops. The deadlines for both calls have past.


Proceedings of the Second ICLaVE in Uppsala can be ordered at the website of the Swedish organizers.

International Scientific Committee

Peter Auer (U. of Freiburg i.Br.), Frans Hinskens (Meertens Instituut & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Paul Kerswill (Lancaster University), Inge Lise Pedersen (U. of Copenhagen), Mats Thelander (U. of Uppsala), M. Teresa Turell (U. Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)

Local Committee (Meertens Instituut/University of Amsterdam/Free University Amsterdam)

Sjef Barbiers, Hans Bennis, Leonie Cornips, Ton Goeman, Willy Jongenburger, Marc van Oostendorp, Piet van Reenen, Astrid Verburg

Any questions or requests for information can be directed to iclave3@meertens.knaw.nl

Last update: June 22, 2005

More information will be posted on this website in the near future!