Call for workshop proposals

During the ICLaVE 3 Conference, which will take place in Amsterdam June 23-25, 2005, there is room for five workshops on the Interaction between Linguistic and Extra-linguistic aspects of Language Variation.

The workshop should be thematically coherent. We have already fixed three broad subject areas:

  1. Syntactic Variation,
  2. Phonological Variation and
  3. The Relation between Code Switching and Language Variation.

The subject areas of the remaining two workshops are still open.

We invite proposals for workshops dealing with specific questions related to one of the above or other subject areas that is clearly connected to the overall theme of the conference, viz. "any aspect of linguistic variation observed in Europe". In addition to this open call for workshop proposals we will directly invite some scholars to submit a proposal.

There will be one workshop with room for four thirty minutes slots and four workshops with five thirty minutes slots. The workshop organizers are free to invite speakers and/or to send out an open call for papers.

The proposal should contain specification of the workshop theme, invited speakers (if applicable), text of the call for papers (if applicable) and a description of the relevance of the workshop with respect to the general theme of ICLaVE.

Please send both an anonymous version and a version containing name(s), affiliation(s) etc.

Selection procedure

The workshop proposals - max. two pages - will be selected by the local organizers and the scientific committee. The deadline to submit a proposal is March 15, 2004. Notification of acceptance: April 15, 2004.

The workshop proposal should be send as PDF-file or WORD-file to: